Discovery Child Care Inc. is 100% catered by Chef’s Cafe!

Chef’s Cafe delivers fresh morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack daily!

Sample Menu

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Plain Cheerios & fruit Raisin, cinnamon Bagels, butter & fruit Shreddies & fruit Blueberry muffins & fruit Waffles, syrup & fruit
Lunch Tuna and cheddar cheese sandwiches with chicken noodle soup Chicken and veggie stir fry with rice Tuna wraps with tomatoes, lettuce cucumbers & cheese Beef and bean chili with whole wheat bread Homemade mini pizzas with steamed carrots
PM Snack Yogurt, graham wafers and fruit


Carrot muffins

and fruit

Multigrain cracker with cheese & fruit Apple muffins and fruit Homemade oatmeal cookies and fruit

*All meals and snacks are served with milk and water.*

*Changes will be made to the menu according to individual children’s dietary needs.*

Our fruits consist of bananas, apples, pears, oranges, berries and other seasonal fruits.